29 Sep

Any person who has significant experience gained from practicing in a named field can be referred to as a veteran. The term veteran could also be used to define a person who has had a long service as a member of the armed forces before they left the forces. People leave the forces due to different reasons but for them to be considered veterans, the reason has to be any other than one as a result of dishonor. Veterans have a hard time getting jobs in the corporate field due to a number of reasons with the most evident being the fact they possess skills that cannot be incorporated into the corporates space immediately. This reason makes most get less paying jobs while others cannot get jobs at all.

The service disabled veteran owned small business may be prompted to start businesses to help them survive and also cater for their bills and those of their families. The business that these veterans come up with are then called veteran owned businesses. This means that the market place has two broad categories, the ordinary business and the veteran owned businesses. The fact that these veterans got their disabilities in the process of protecting their country makes  the government be obliged to help them to adapt in their new forms of livelihoods such as businesses. The government may decide to extend financial support in the form of soft loans and grants that will facilitate the growth of their businesses.

Veteran owned businesses can be said to form a whole market place of their own as they also have two more sub-divisions. The first category  that is covered is the service-connected disability veteran owned businesses which is covers the service men who sustained disability when in service. For one to be considered to be in this category the must be this criteria by having tangible evidence such a letter from the  administration indicating release from service due to disability.

The second category is like an upgrade of the first category because for one to be categorized  as a Service-disabled veteran small business they need to meet the financial threshold of the size of a small business. Look for more information about business at http://money.cnn.com/smallbusiness/resourceguide/.

The veterans, just like women- owned enterprises are supported by the government safeguarding a certain amount of the services they outsource for these special groups. By coming up with a program that mentors and helps these veterans acquires some of the skills they require, the government is seen to continue extending their support. Other people who also understand the challenges encounter by veterans also try to support them by buying their products and consuming the services they offer.

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